Books by Lyn Wells Clark

I Just See You
SKU: 978-0999440971

This is a sweet story about kindness and acceptance. A friendly loris and his animal companions appreciate one another as friends regardless of their spikes (the porcupine), slippery skin (the frog), or other funny attributes.
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The Girl Who Loved Yellow
SKU: 9780999440964

The Girl Who Loved Yellow is a sweet, simple, and engaging story that will teach little ones their colors. It is joyful and whimsical. Even small children unable to read will be drawn to it. This book follows the girl who loved yellow as she carries a colorful dancer's ribbon throughout her colorful world.
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The Monster Who Had a Kind Face
SKU: 9780999440940

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Milly the monster is good at everything except being scary. That becomes a real problem for her as she gets older.  Can she win over the members of her tribe or will she be shunned and sent away?  

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Sleep Well My Baby
SKU: 978-0999440933

Sleep Well My Baby is based on a sweet lullaby written to ease your little one into a peaceful sleep. The mother gently urges her baby to sleep well as she sings about stars keeping watch, floating on moonlight and drifting on stardust.

Here is a clip of the Lullaby that inspired the book. It is available for download on Amazon and Spotify.

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The Unlikely Adventure of a Turtle, a Mouse and a Shark
SKU: 978-0999440902

This heartwarming tale begins as the brotherhood of blue-eyed stars, that protects the heavens, is betrayed by one of their own. Three blue-eyed stars are cursed by the Dark Star and fall to earth. Each lands far from the others and takes on a different form. One is a turtle, one is a mouse and the last is a shark. They can't return home until they find each other and break the curse.
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