The Unlikely Adventure of a Turtle, a Mouse and a Shark

The Unlikely Adventure of a Turtle, a Mouse and a Shark1
By Lyn Wells Clark
Published by Blue-Eyed Star Creations
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Illustrated by Lorena Mary Hart

This heartwarming tale begins as the brotherhood of blue-eyed stars, that protects the heavens, is betrayed by one of their own. Three blue-eyed stars are cursed by the Dark Star and fall to earth. Each lands far from the others and takes on a different form. One is a turtle, one is a mouse and the last is a shark. They can't return home until they find each other and break the curse. Celestia, Queen of the heavens, enlists the help of Mother Nature, the sun, the moon, and the wind, but will that be enough? Will the brothers recognize each other and break the curse or remain on earth forever...

"Written in fun rhyming verse that children love, this book is perfect for story time for the little ones or beginning readers. The creative tale and colorful illustrations are sure to delight and spark imagination in young minds." -Lou Sousa, Amazon Reviewer 

"Love this book, story, and author! Beautiful illustrations capture the story perfectly. A heartwarming story about three brothers and the love that shines from their bond. Can't wait for more books by this author!" -S Reid, Amazon Reviewer 

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Unlikely Adventure


Unlikely Adventure
Hardcover | 36 pages | $18.99 USD | 978-0999440902 | October 5, 2017