I sit here with my wounded heart;

 longing for levity but once again falling short.

I am angry no more.

I am desperate in my quest to see your face, hear your voice.

But here I sit, missing you.


Disbelief has carefully constructed her web.

My objection only empowers her, rendering me helpless.

To yield, I must accept your absence.

No not yet, I am an infant in this process.

I seek guidance, crave peace.

But once again I’m missing you.


The journey is long, my mind weary, my heart heavy.

I can’t reconcile this new reality.

Can it be true? Did your tender heart stop beating?

I cling desperately to my belief in life beyond this place;

The hope of reunion is my only solace.

Memories flicker their highs and lows.

And I continue missing you.


I am conflicted.

Acceptance so closely resembles betrayal.

 There is no disparity between giving up and giving in.

Yet I know I must cease waging this emotional war.

My raw, gaping wounds must heal.

One day I will walk in the company of peace and serenity.

But even then, I’ll be missing you.