Lyn Wells Clark

Lyn Wells Clark resides in Middleton, MA where she and her husband, Michael, raised their family. Although she holds a degree in Accounting, her love for writing poetry and children's stories is undeniable. Now that her children are grown, she refers to this time in her life as her 2nd chapter; her opportunity to pursue the dream of writing children’s books.

All of Lyn’s books are inspired by her own family. It is very important to Lyn that her books be joyful and whimsical so that even small children unable to read will be drawn to them.

She has found a great partner in illustrator, Lorena Mary Hart. Hart pours her heart and soul into every illustration and brings the books to life. The two have collaborated on all of Lyn’s books, The Unlikely Adventure of a Turtle, a Mouse and a Shark, Sleep Well My Baby, The Monster Who Had A Kind Face, and The Girl Who Loved Yellow.