A Good, Kind and Loving Man


A man sat on a mountain top

and reflected on his life.

Am I a good man, a good husband to my wife?

Do I love my family with all that I am?

Again I ask, am I a good man?


Am I a kind man, do I offer my help

to those in need without thought of myself?

Do I lend comfort in times of despair?

Am I kind, just, am I fair?


The silence unnerved him.


Am I a loving man he began to plead?

Did I give my family the tools to succeed?

Teach my sons to honor their wives,

provide my daughter the best things in life?


The sun brightened in the sky.

The wind whispered his name.

The mountain shouted back in reply,

Yes, again and again and again.


Few have loved more deeply,

a tender heart beats in your chest.

You are not only a good, kind and loving man,

you, Sir, are the very best.