Dearest Child


If you know…

you are loved,

you are my joy,

your pain is my pain,

I have succeeded.


If you believe…

you are capable of great things,

you deserve only the best,

you are a wonder to behold,

my heart is full.


If you feel…

the magnitude of my love,

the depth of my affection,

the breadth of my admiration,

I am overjoyed.


If you attain…

success of the heart,

abundance of the spirit,

and one great love in your lifetime,

I will be grateful.


If you have learned…

family is everything,

love is all you truly need,

home is always home,

I have taught you well.


Dearest Child,

you own my heart.

May God Bless and Keep you.

May love know your name.

May tiny hands, one day, take hold of your heart;

for only then will you understand the enormity
 of my love for you.